Saturday, April 3, 2010

Abbey Road, War Horse, Portraits, Alice

   Weekend... amnesia :) Sunday we went over to Shannon Ashton's for dinner and for help planning our backpacking trip (Ali and I are exploring Europe for a month after school ends!)! I love looking at Shannon's photography of her world travels... so beautiful. She invited us back in a couple weeks for some serious planning. She also treated Ali and I to dessert at a delicious cafe, and made dinner, AND we walked over to the famous Abbey Road (near her flat)! We took touristy pictures and i signed the wall everyone signs outside Abbey Road Studio. Beatles love.
Afterwards... boring homework and mythology essay.
    Monday 3/8
Classes, then we all went to see the play "War Horse!" (to be said in a low eager voice). haha it wasn't too terrible but it definitely wasn't great. Most of us made fun of it actually. It's about a boy and his weirdly deep love for his horse Joey. They are split up in WWI but fortuately reunited in the end. The horses are giant puppets held by people who make the horse noises. Watch the preview to better understand. I cannot watch it without cracking up (probably because i sat through the whole performance).
Tuesday 3/9
Many students in the Centre went on a country walk; ali and i slept in and had a nice day. Well first we both did laundry. Ew. Then we got lunch at a pub in Trafalgar Square; i tried a chicken and leek pie because i'm trying to be adventurous and eat British cuisine. Not my favorite... I liked Ali's mushy peas though. :)
After lunch we went across the square to the National Portrait Gallery. Lots of old portraits, especially of royal and famous people. There were some interesting modern ones as well, including a tribute to Princess Diana and a photography exhibit of Twiggy. I loved it!
Tuesday night we saw Alice in Wonderland (in 3D)! it was fantastic! i loved the colorful craziness.

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