Monday, April 5, 2010

Paris! day 1

Monday 3/15
Bonjour Paris! For our "spring break" we get to spend the next four days in Paris! Early this morning we took the Chunnel to France (train under the Channel). I was really excited :) Like embarrassingly excited to see France. I kept falling asleep and then jerking awake and asking if we were in France yet. The countryside looks pretty similar to England actually. Beautiful.

Our first stop was Chartres, a pretty little French town with a big, ancient cathedral. We had a couple hours to explore the town. The little french shops and patisseries were so cute! There was an adorable carousel in the town square too. We met at the cathedral, which is originally 1200-1500 years old! Parts were added or rebuilt during the Renaissance so it's a cool mismatch of different centuries' styles. I loved it! My favorite cathedral so far. Inside was pretty dark and there were candles everywhere. There was a massive "rose window" made of stained glass and with the sun shining through it was spectacular. Our tour guide in the cathedral talked on and on and onn.... (almost an hour and a half) so i split off a few times to explore and photograph.

After Chartres we headed for Paris! At our hotel i roomed with Katie and it was pretty funny because we had one big bed to share. Honeymoon suite? A group of us searched for dinner and ended up at some type of Italian restaurant? (so wrong) and i ordered a bland pasta. Fail. I'd rather save money and eat better (aka eat crepes all week) then waste money on boring food in France! haha that's exactly what i did here. :)
We then went out to find the Eiffel Tower! ..after figuring out the Metro (French tube) which sucks compared to the British tube! I may be spoiled... but it was terrible. Dirty and smelly and old and SO confusing and difficult to navigate. But we reached the right area and... it was amazing. Just like the first time i saw Big Ben... i walk out and look up and it's RIGHT ABOVE ME all lit up and beautiful! I freaked out haha. It's amazing!! I walked right under the Eiffel Tower, and saw an adorable couple kissing underneath. Aww. :) City of Love. And City of Lights. Everything was soo pretty. To make it perfect, i ate a chocolate crepe right under the Eiffel Tower! *sigh... i love my life haha.
Oh! And surprise! Every hour (at night) it lights up all sparkly! I freaked out, again. It was amazing. Fortunateley I had Ali's extra camera to use so i took loads of pictures and even a video. Good day.

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