Saturday, April 10, 2010

Portobello road, Wicked, etc

Friday 3/19 - dull day... had classes. lunch at Pret, finally did some homework, organized pictures on my lap top, and watched Wuthering Heights (for Brit Lit class). Sad movie.

Saturday 3/20
I slept in, went to Portobello Road Market (my favorite market!) and went a bit crazy... I got a chocolate/strawberry crepe, churros and chocolate, hot chocolate, olive ciabatta bread, and a chicken paella dish. I think that was lunch? And then I bought gifts for people (and myself!).. posters and cool jewelry and a great antique pin with a matador and bull on it. I LOVE Portobello! I still think of the movie Notting Hill every time I'm there. :) It's a pretty, rainy, almost-spring day today.
Afterwards i had planned on being productive but i fell asleep in the parlour, then did homework (blah).
The fabulous Portobello Road!  (before the rain..)
Sunday 3/21
Church was entertaining today :) In sunday school an old guy talked about the time he got arrested for not paying traffic fines, and how he hated missing work. Not something i usually hear in my wards at home. Then in Young Womens (we were talking about peacemaking and love at home), the girl with anger issues ranted and said that sometimes she gets so mad at her mom she punches dents in the wall and throws things. She scares me a little. :) The girls in my Whitechapel ward are great though, and very funny. Afterwards... I skyped family, dinner, etc.

Monday 3/22
Classes, then the whole program went to Wigmore Hall to see violinist Janine Jensen (and a pianist) in concert. It was nice (my first violin concert) and I used to play the violin, so i really liked the music. Unfortunately... I was so tired that i may have fallen asleep for a few minutes during the concert.. :) How embarrassing. Haha well actually a few students fell asleep too. The violinist was entertaining... she moved very enthusiastically. It was a nice concert.
Afterwards - lunch at Pret, then I bought 2 Ben's cookies (overrated cake-like cookies), and candy bars. Have I menioned I really love British candy?! Ali and i headed over to Victoria station to get Billy Elliot tickets, but they're weren't any good cheap seats. We went across the street to where Wicked is playing and on a whim bought tickets to see it tonight! I love how randomly that works out. After dinner we saw Wicked, it was fun and the music was as great as I remembered (I saw it in LA 5 years ago).
Oh and! I got a care package from my family today! My first :) It was so fun -  I got 2 boxes of thin mint cookies (everybody is very jealous. I'm using sharing to my advantage haha) and newspaper clippings and other wonderful things. I love you guys!!

Tuesday 3/23
Classes, then Ali and I went over to Shannon Ashton's house for help with planning our backpacking trip! She's been everywhere and was so helpful. Mmm and we had delicious chocolate fondue! Yum. Well Ali and I finally have a solid itinerary !! It's so exciting. We are backpacking through...
  • Lisbon
  • Madrid
  • Barcelona
  • Rome
  • Florence
  • Siena
  • Munich (including..)
    • Neuschwanstein castle
    • Dachau concentration camp
  • Salzburg
  • Vienna
  • Prague (for my 20th birthday!)
  • Berlin
  • Amsterdam
  • Bruges
  • Brussels
...then back to London then back home to America! 27 days of backpacking Europe!! Yay for fulfilling life dreams :) :) :)

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