Sunday, April 11, 2010

London Eye, Tea at the Orangery, and museum

Saturday 3/27
Today was fun. A top day! :) Ali and i went to the Natural History Museum in South Kensington, which was in a really pretty old building. It was a lot of fun. There were creepy crawlies and birds (I saw a -fake- dodo bird!) and fish and fossils and learned about earthquakes and human biology. The brain is and will always be my favorite! It's just too cool. Maybe that's why I like psychology. Sadly we missed 2 of the big exhibits... Mammals was closed and the dinosuars had a really long line.
Afterwards we walked up through Hyde Park and Kensington Garden (they're connected) to the Orangery, next to Kensington Palace. We had a lovely British afternoon tea there. It was splendid. Our table had a mini orange tree on it, with a tiny shrunken orange.We both ordered a cake and tea (the whole thing- sandwhiches, cakes, biscuits, tea - was way overpriced!). I got Victoria sponge cake and rooibos tea. Both were delicious.
The Posh Life
We walked back to the Centre in pouring rain and then left again for the London Eye! Which I've been excited about for a couple months. We watched a mini-movie beforehand, which wasn't about the Eye but was like a 4-D advertisemet for it. We were there at 6 so we could see the sunset... which wasn't too clear but the view was still amazing and i loved it. It's like a giant ferris wheel in central London, over the Thames and across the river from Big Ben. You feel like you're in a slow-moving bubble over London, and at the top you realize how incredibly massive London is! It didn't end... in any direction. Wow. It was gorgeous too. It had stopped raining and among the gray clouds there were streaks of orange and pink. *sigh... I didn't want it to end. So lovely. The best was when Big Ben lit up. I may have an emotional attachment to that clock haha. It is my favorite place in England!
After our go-around the Eye ended, we wandered the area. There was an adorable carousel and a cute 'candy floss' stand (cotton candy).  i liked the rain puddles :)
We crossed the Jubilee bridge (best view in London) to the other side and walked to Big Ben. everything as lit up and beautiful. We saw CJ there taking pictures, and then the 3 of us went to dinner at Khan's. Top day!
--except for the part where I procrastinated and then stay up all night writing a paper. Got 45 minutes of sleep! :(
Sunday 3/28
Tired (obviously) and felt like a zombie at church... haha i fell asleep on the tube and at church. It was my last day in Whitechapel ward, which was sad. I won't miss having to pay to get to church every week... but i did like my ward. There are some amazing people there. I liked being around different types of church members. It was interesting to hear different stories and experiences. And I will miss the entertainment of being in YW! I went home, napped for 4 hours. Packed for the north trip tomorrow. somehow went to bed at 4 am. :)

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