Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hampton Court & Borough Market (where i ate kangaroo)

Thursday 3/25 - long schoolday - 4 classes, then my Brit Lit class went on a short field trip to Tate Britain (as in I only saw 2 rooms), Ali and i failed to get Billy Elliot tickets again, and McDonald's lunch (the best - sweet chili chicken sandwhich and creme egg mcflurry). Highlights of the day were the mcflurry and that I got to skype my mom and cassidy tonight. Went to bed too late, for the 5th night in a row. Averaging like 3 am. :( Oy.

Friday 3/26
Field trip - we took a train to Hampton Court just outside London. It was pretty and the gardens were nice, but I wasn't really impressed by the court itself. It's big and red-bricked. I must be spoiled by all the amazing places I've seen here, because King Henry VIII's palace was slightly dull to me. Not much to see inside and the court was like a maze so we kept getting lost. Some of it was too cheesy... sound effects in the kitchen and a fat man in court cosume blundering around (King Henry VIII?). The gardens were better, and there was a maze. Highlight was the field of daffodils!

After Hampton Court a group of us left for London and went to Borough Market. Gooood food! That's the whole market. I ate an apple strudel, delicious french chocolate souffle, AND a kangaroo burger. That's right. I tried an exotic meat. This stand that i keep hearing about sells ostrich and kangaroo burgers, and Kalyn and I shared a kangaroo burger. With cranberry sauce! It was fun to try, but the texture of the meat was weird... it tasted rubbery with a funky aftertaste. Well i did have 2 bites of a kangaroo burger! Then i ate the bread and tossed it. I felt a bounce in my step afterwards. :)
We headed back to the Centre but 5 of us got detoured and ended up at Whiteleys (buying chocolate nuts). After dinner (gross, so i ate mostly yogurt and alpen muesli -which i LOVE and eat a few times a week here) I gave up on being productive. I will really miss some people here! Too many here don't go to BYU so who knows if I'll see them again. :( Somehow went to bed after 4 haha. What a tiring week. I'm a nightowl in the 'nightowl room.' It's an accomplishment. ;)


  1. Allyson - it's Dad, I finally got all caught up on your crazy blog, what an adventure! Creme egg mcflurry sounds better than Kangaroo burger. When I was about 9, we did have monkey and dolphin meat when we went to Peru & Brazil while along the Amazon, it was not good either. How fun to be not impressed by a castle, after seeing dozens of wonderful, famous other castles. We are so proud of you.

  2. Hahaha monkey and dolphin meat, on the Amazon!? what a great memory. But that sounds gross. And yes it was refreshing to see a famous castle and not be in love with it. Because it is exhausting to see so many beautiful places! haha. :) Love you