Saturday, April 3, 2010

MARCH - Mika concert! and 39 Steps

Monday 3/1
Classes, then we went to see Samuel Johnson’s house (now a museum) for a Brit Lit assignment. After dinner a group of about 9 fans went to see MIKA in concert!!! It was awesome. Incredible. Mika-tastic. Haha I seriously loved it. I love him!! And all his music. AND it was my first concert where I knew every single song played. It was so much fun! We all got dressed up a little crazy for the concert (well I did!).
We went to the Hammersmith arena and waited awhile, then rushed in when the doors opened and got great a great position on the floor! There were like 2-3 people between me and the stage.
The opening act – Eric Hassle – was pretty good. They were half-Swedish. The drummer was smoking hot! Then the stage was set for Mika with a massive “notebook” with doodles coming to life and a French schoolboy and then Mika came out! Right in front of me! I love his curly hair. He has so much spunk and craziness and i love his high voice.
Haha when he sang ‘Big Girl You Are Beautiful’ a giant pink blow-up leg and high heel was inflated. So random and funny. He brought out a marionette doll for the song “We Are Golden.” Mika had lots of cool props and costuming and stage design craziness! He is so entertaining and flaming fabulous. :) At the end all these “Mexican/day of the dead” type colorful skeleton girls paraded out with big balloons and confetti! It was so fun to be right up there for such a fun concert! One of my favorites. And I got to see him in London! Woo!

i got a shirt! :)
Tuesday 3/2
Class then Ali and I went to see a matinee showing of The 39 Steps, an Alfred Hitchcock play (almost a parody) that was unexpectedly hilarious! It was the funniest show I’ve seen here! It involved a murder mystery and a crazy chase all over Britain, with only 4 actors! (3 men 1 woman).
I had my last night of kitchen duty, which was terrible and lasted 2 hours (for the after-dinner part) because most of my group ended up bailing. Oy. Spent the rest of the night writing a paper and got 3 hours of sleep.

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