Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hampstead Heath and Camden Market

    Thursday 3/4
I didn't do much of anything exciting today. long day of classes, another classy Tesco/McDonalds lunch, procrastintion.
     Friday 3/5
Program field trip to Hampstead Heath, a huge park wilderness area (outside of London) with lots of greenery and mud. We visited Keats' house (famous poet) nearby and then walked across the heath. It was pretty but i slipped and fell in the mud early on and that didn't make me very happy about the heath. I got mud all over myself! Yes i am clumsy.
hampstead heath..
Kenwood house
Part of Notting Hill was filmed here! (on the greens behind Kenwood house)
Afterwards Ali and I went to Camden Market. It's a massive market with everything, plus a bit of punk attitude. it's fun. :) We went into this crazy techno/rave store with neon lights and weird space costume/clothes and dancing girls. Weird. Camden is a great place to people-watch haha.
Here's a picture of it (stolen; not mine).
having fun in the tube station :)

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