Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day Trip 7

Wednesday 3/10
Day Trip 7... to Stourhead, Jane Austen's house, and Winchester.
Our first stop was Stourhead Gardens, built in the 18th century. There's a lake and a path surrounding it, a cave-like grove, and two buildings (temples) built in classical greek style. We were all excited because in the Pride and Prejudice movie there is a big scene in Stourhead, and the scene where Darcy confesses his love to Elizabeth is there, at the Temple of Apollo. Unfortunately the Temple was under construction (scaffolding is always everywhere we go!) but it was still exciting to be there.
temple of apollo
Next we visited Jane Austen's house (in Chawton?) which was a museum about her life. I just finished Austen's Northanger Abbey so that made it more interesting. Last we visited Winchester and toured the cathedral. Big, with pretty stained glass windows, and a strange mural made out of painted toast haha.
Back to London, another good Marks and Spencer dinner and i made money yet again (by not using all of the £5 they give us for dinner each day trip). Success. :) Tonight we watched Pride and Prejudice! And we all freaked out when the Stourhead scenes came on. I love that movie! :) I'm excited to read the book this summer.


  1. "Are the shades of Pemberley to be thus polluted?!" Line from P&P...I can't believe you haven't read it. Good thing I have unconditional love for you. Any Mr. Darcy prospects over there for you?

  2. I love that line! And I know, it's terrible. I'm ashamed. Pride and Prejudice has been at the top of my book list for so long! I'm reading it asap. I have seen virtually every movie version of it.
    Haha no Mr. Darcy prospects here... actually we're "not allowed to date" on study abroad :) But there is certainly some eye candy here (and the accent definitely helps). PS did you get my postcard? Hope so!

  3. Yes! I got your postcard (mentioned it in a previous post...duh!!! side effect of too much chocolate perhaps) I have it happily posted on my fridge. I arrive in jolly ole' England in two weeks - which means your program is almost over...sniff, sniff. I'm sure the time has just flown by. I tell ya, not a day will go by where you WON'T think of your travels abroad. You have officially and irrevocably, changed your life. (okay, you still have marriage & child-bearing to look forward too - but what you have done and experienced is tremendous). What is so great is that you know that. Keep on travelin' my friend :) xo!

  4. Kelly,
    In defense of Allyson, for her 10th birthday she asked for the BBC version of P&P and I remember sitting in my bed with her watching Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth for hours!

  5. Kelly: Haha oh yeah I forgot. Well i'm glad you got my postcard :) You are visiting England in the best time!! Lucky. Spring bloom is finally springing up. And i am so sad that London is almost over... but at least i have 8 new countries to look forward to! :)

    Mom: Hahahahha I did?! I didn't know that! Or remember that. I do have terrible memory. That's funny. How wonderful. Let's watch it this summer!